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Reach your learning goals in 2020 with Unreal Online Learning – Start 2020 on the right foot by building your proficiency with Unreal Engine. We’ve added some new features and courses to help make your learning experience even more enjoyable and complete. It’s easier than ever to add in-demand skills for getting a job to your resume.

New courses this month

Unreal Engine Editor Fundamentals – Editor Introduction

In this course, Epic’s Luis Cataldi helps you gain fundamental knowledge for working with Unreal Engine, understanding the Unreal Editor, and navigating its various panels and settings.

Introduction to Twinmotion

Twinmotion is a fast and easy-to-use real-time visualization tool that harnesses Unreal Engine for its rendering power. In this course, author Matt Doyle teaches you how to bring your content into Twinmotion and add interactivity and dynamic elements using built-in tools and assets.

AEC Blueprints by Example

Author Joel Bradley teaches essential Blueprint concepts as you create four practical examples for use in your AEC projects, including automatic doors, connected switch lights, material switching, construction scripts, and more.

Your First Hour in Sequencer

In this course, instructor Paul Kind dives into Sequencer in Unreal Engine, looking at everything from simple translational movements to animations, particle effects, Blueprints, and more.

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